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Vancity Strength & Fitness is BC's premier strength & conditioning facility. Through our athletic and funcitional training principles we help our clients take their body and overall physical/mental health to new heights. 

Vancity Strength is dedicated to bringing out the absolute best version of anybody that walks through the doors at our state of the art facility. 

- We specialize in athletic performance, but through these exact principles we make achieving any fitness goal easier than ever. 

- The training at Vancity Strength is backed by years of research and science. We take pride in not only training HARD, but training SMART. 

- Every workout is measured, calculated and designed to the clients specific needs/goals.

*Vancity Strength is a private gym. All hours are occupied by our clients. There are no memberships to public.* 


Our versatility is our speciality!

It doesn't matter what fitness level you are at, we have programs for everyone from all walks of life. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your speed and power or a mother looking to get in shape, we have you covered.

Weight loss? Gaining strength? Getting more athletic? It doesn't matter what your goal is, our personal trainers will help you reach them. Our private gym 

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